Daisy has been lucky enough to spend one day a week with my Mum since the start of the year – my Mum has taken up the extra day I have taken for work and opened her heart and home to Daisy. We are very lucky indeed.

Each week she comes home with something she has worked on, and inevitably something my Mum has spoiled her with – a new book, or treat or something. These can home last Thursday and I just had to take a snap of them before they were whisked off to Rob’s work to go on his wall, because they are fab!

I give you: A bus going over the Gladesville Bridge 11.6.09

And: A Face 11.06.09

The face was particularly good I thought, for an almost 2.5 year old. Then again I think my Mum told her exactly where to put everything so we would be amazed at her skills of teaching her grand daughter. Don’t you just hate bragging parents? I do, get over it, she drew a picture. But humour me if you will. I am hormonal and pregnant.


  1. beautiful pictures! even so if your mum told her want went where if she did this at 2.5 you may have a gifted child on your hands..

    does she ever tell you that she is writing? even if its lines/circles/dots/etc? xx

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