How could I forget???

I was just checking into the blog and thinking how slack I have been all week and thinking I have to post something but I have nothing. So I was going to write a post about how busy work has been this week, how I have barely seen Rob and as for Daisy, well we have been ships in the night. Actually, we have been spending a little time in the wee hours of the morning, but no quality time. I was going to bitch and moan about how I have spent the last 2 days at a strategic leadership team offsite conference (jealous anyone?) and how yesterday I left home at 6.55am and got home at 8.45pm and had my first case of swollen ankles this pregnancy when it hit me!
Oh, I DO have some news….

Oh yes, that’s right I am pregnant with another child and we had the big 20 week scan on Monday! Yeah right. That’s pretty major and something that I would have written about in a flash last pregnancy and I, well I almost forgot. Please excuse me little one. Please don’t feel any less loved because I seem to well, forget about you.

So anyway, the details. Had the scan on Monday at lunchtime and I am pleased to report that all was fine. The babe was wedged into the furthest corner of my uterus that it could find, head in it’s hands, laying on it’s stomach with it’s legs stretched out. Just like a certain someone I know *cough ROB* when he is in bed or on the couch. Has to be a boy? The babe was SO lazy that the scan process took over 3 hours (with a lunch break in between) so that they could get all the measurements they needed. It even did a wee and then we watched it open it’s little mouth and take a whole lot of (yummy) amniotic fluid in. It was cool. I was relieved and excited to see just how far along we have come.

Then Tuesday morn I had an appt with my Ob and she couldn’t find the heartbeat for the longest time. I started to freak, until she got the ultrasound out again and found the little one wedged into another corner happy as can be, heart pumping away. I had 3 health professionals call our baby “cheeky” in the space of 2 days.

I? Well, I am hoping that this chilled out, lazy attitude continues into the real world when he/she decides to enter around the 30th Oct (new due date). And I can’t wait to meet them. And I am sorry that I almost forgot to mention the whole thing. And I am hoping that I will be forgiven.

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