The girl is funny, and an aside

My favourite thing about Daisy at the moment is the things that come out of her mouth. She surprises me with the funniest (and strangest) things just when I need to hear them. Last night she made me laugh out loud at least 3 times – and that is not bad going seeing as most of the time when I get home from work just before 6, after a full day at work and a commute on public transport* home, trying to rush around and get her dinner, and bathed and in bed, I am not in the happiest (ahem) frame of mind. But she says something and BAM – I am instantly bought back to what is important, what is not, and to just have a giggle.

Scene 1: Bath, evening 6.35pm. Daisy is in the bath, cleaning herself with soap. She keeps dropping it into the water as it slips through her chubby little fingers.
“Where are you sippery soap? Where? Where? Oh dare you are! I missed you soap!”

Scene 2: Bed, evening 7.25pm. Daisy has had all stories read, lights are out and I am asking her to lay down and get comfy for sleep.
“Oh dear, it’s hard for me to lay down with the baby in my stomach Mumma“. And she feigns this uncomfortable lay down (that she may or may not have seen from me). Then she says “No mumma, not baby in my tummy – just your tummy!”

Scene 3: Bed, morning 6.02am. Daisy is up and ready to get out of bed, she has called out to me to come and get her.
“Are there sharks Mummy?”
“Where baby?”
“On the ground”
“No, there’s no sharks, sharks are in the ocean, not your bedroom”
“Dancing sharks? Are there dancing sharks?”
“No, there are no dancing sharks. C’mon, let’s get up”
“Not scary sharks! Happy sharks. Happy dancing sharks! I’m not scared, I brave girl”

*As an aside, re: the public transport commute to and from work each day, I catch a bus and a train. It’s not far (I prob only live less than 10kms from work but it involves 2 modes of transport) and I am wondering when the bastards are going to offer me a seat? I am not so happy with the winter pregnancy (of course I am and it beats a summer one by a gazillion percent) however, with the winter comes the layering of clothes, which means the bump is almost fully covered up at all times on the commute. I guess that’s why no one is leaping to their feet when I stand, but honestly, I think I am going to have to ditch the coat in order to get me a seat. It’s a matter of sanity for me and my family as I am growling by the time I walk in the door, huffing under my breath at the injustice of it all.

Ok enough whinge, as you were. Where is Daisy when I need her to say something silly?


  1. i hate when i see people not offering seats – i always have and i give them up to the elderly or mums that have prams too!

    you say you’ve layered up – people can still tell if you are pregnant im sure your belly doesnt hide hehe.

    i just wish people these days would get off their lazy arses and give up their seats.

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