Brain Freeze

The surge in hormones on the weekend and Monday left me in quite a state yesterday. It appears that I woke up (at 5.15am may I add thank you Daisy) without a brain. It was not apparent to me at first, I started the day as I normally would chasing the minx around, getting her dressed and ready for the day and then actually got to drop her off at daycare as I had an appointment with my Ob in the morning so I was a little late into the office. And let me get a little off track here if I may…as I said it’s a wandering brain. The appointment went well. And fast. Talk about the easiest way to drop $150 – blood pressure check, quick social chat and check of the babe and I was on my way. But the squelchy squelchy sound of the heart beat pumping away, just there in my belly? Worth a million dollars. Every time.

Anyway, as I was saying. It was when I got into the office that the trouble began. As I was late, and as I work in finance, and as it was the busiest day of the financial year, I was under the pump. But I just couldn’t seem to remember anything. Every time the phone rang, I had to stop and think and then remember where I work before speaking. Sometimes this pause was honestly 3-4 seconds and not a good look. I booked meetings for many people at the wrong time, I called people and got huffy about them not sending me through work that had a deadline, when in fact they had sent it through the day before and I had, in fact, spoken to them at length about what a good job they had done. My emails were incomprehensible and I could barely string a sentence together. I had to pick up some stuff for dinner on the way home…all the way down there I was saying over and over in my head what I had to pick up – cutlets for Daisy’s dinner, cutlets for Daisy’s dinner and when I left and was on the train I realised that of course I had everything except cutlets for Daisy’s dinner (lucky for me the minx likes boiled eggs cause that’s what she had instead). And I had ground coriander instead of cumin (or was it cumin instead of coriander?), and then got home and realised we had the coriander already and not the cumin so now we have a shitload of ground coriander, or cumin, I just can’t remember which one now. When I collapsed into bed last night I was hoping that tomorrow would be a better day in the brain stakes.

So far? I am not so sure. Well I managed to get this together right? Things could turn though as they did yesterday. This just makes me certain that I am a having a boy because I never remember feeling like this with Daisy and boys are just a little dopey. Right?


  1. hehe. totally not laughing at your lack-of-brain but was a very entertaining read.

    boys arent dopey. girls are just smarter hehe 🙂 [this isnt scientific just my thoughts]. forever am telling boyfriend i am smarter than him 🙂

  2. Poor you! Am very impressed that you are working, as well as pregnant, as well as cooking amazing-cumin/coriander-cutlets for your little one. If it was me I’m sure boiled eggs would be on the menu every night! (if my little one would eat them – perhaps baked beans in our case)

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