Blog This Challenge: If I could invent anything

What would it be?

Half a brain to think of something witty and funny to put in here that will make people think I am oh so clever and fabulous and not to mention beautiful?


A magical pregnancy bar that combines all my cravings (read choc milkshakes AND hot chips with mayo AND spicy food) into the one sweet little bar (sort of like Veruca Salt from Charlie & the Chocolate factory gum that is a 3 course meal)?


I would say a cloner. To clone me. To share the love of me with all the people?! No, really just so I could actually do one job really well – whether that be mother Beth, or wife Beth, or hey even Beth for Beth or business Beth or all the other roles I perform in between and actually give 100% to that and not feel stretched to limit and like I am always letting someone down. Yes, I think THAT would be it.

This was a weekly challenge I said I would participate in from a new Australian blog Forum Site Blogthis


  1. I think we all need one of those!

  2. If only we could get together and make one of these. We’d be rich AND happy. 😛

  3. Yes a cloner would be perfect!

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