Already One Year

Today marks one year since this happened. A year. Gosh I can hardly believe it. It still feels like it was yesterday and then again when I look at my little girl now and think of how much she has grown in one year it seems that it must be longer – surely with all the things we have done, and grown into and changed, it must be longer. But it’s not.

I can remember the day of his funeral so clearly. The plain awfulness of it all, the disbelief, the pain and grief I am sure will be with me forever. It so could have been me. Or my sister. Or another friend whose baby had died from this silent killer. I can’t believe the journey that Julia and Angus have been through over the past year. They just recently welcomed a new baby into their lives – another little boy – and how bittersweet this time has been for them. I can’t imagine how incredibly hard and lonely and quiet this year has been for them. The re-thinking, the re-living, the wondering what he would be doing now, and then now, and how he would be now. I just can’t get my head around it all. Even now, a year on.

But I wanted to remember Lachie today for the beautiful boy that he was. The immense joy he bought to his family every day, the friend that he was to Daisy and the brilliant big brother he could have been to Cooper. I am sure each passing year will be a little easier and the memories a little brighter but right now I am still so sad that this happened at all. That his beautiful little boy was taken from this life for no real reason at all.

We are having a picnic on Saturday morning with Jules and Angus and all the members of our mothers group and pre-natal group to remember Lachie. It should be a nice time to catch up, and just stop to remember him. He will be missed.

Here are some snaps and words from his Mum Jules, who sent them out to us all this morning…

Unbelievably, June 10 is the one year anniversary of Lachlan’s death. I know that he is in the thoughts of many of you at this time and I just wanted to send out some photos of him and a reminder, to help keep his memory alive. So tomorrow make sure you give your significant others (partners, kids, pets) at least 2 extra hugs…one from you and one from Lachlan. We wish you, and your family, all the best of health and happiness for the time ahead. Remember to have fun and bring joy to the people most important to you, Lachie knew all about that. Thanks again for all your support and good thoughts over the past year, we really appreciate everything.

If you see requests for donations for Red Nose Day in the next week or so please donate for Lachie and all the children that die across the world from SIDS or go online right now and make a donation.


  1. Oh God Beth, it is the worst thing in the world, a child’s funeral. it shouldn’t happen.

    Will be thinking of Lachie tomorrow.

  2. I’m so sorry for your friends loss 🙁 I can’t even begin to imagine how tragic and heartbreaking it must be to lose a child. I cried reading the funeral post, it’s so sad. I will hug my boys extra tight tonight when I put them to bed.

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