What a Pearler! (thanks to Rob for the title)

We had a change of plans on the weekend. We were meant to head up to the country to Rob’s godfather’s property with his Dad and step mum but a series of events (said god father getting sick, Sue’s mum having a small stroke and Rob working) meant that we were no longer heading away. I was bummed about that – I love to get out of town whenever I can (especially on the weekends when there is inevitably a party going on somewhere near our house) and while I can at the moment with just one little person to worry about and pack for.

So, I headed up to my Dad’s place to Pearl Beach on Friday afternoon for a few nights with Daise. It was very quiet – we went for quiet walks to the beach, played with their dog (as in Daisy bugged the dog constantly – bossing him around, brushing his hair, patting him AND giving him bandaids) and just generally hung out and did nothing….and it was great. Rob even managed to get away from the office on Saturday night and spend some time with us (even if it was for just a little while).

And the best bit? When we got home and I realised from the pile of bottles from the next door neighbours that they HAD had a party, and it didn’t have to bother me ONE bit. That and still having time to do washing and do shopping and get ready for the week without having to travel for hours and hours to get home. Oh and Daisy sleeping last night almost all the way through.

It was a good weekend. Thanks for asking.

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