We moved Daisy’s room around the other day in order to see if that would make a difference to things and her current sleep dramas. I told her she could move things around to wherever she wanted (within reason) and worked all morning cleaning, and lugging things in and out and around all under the direction of the little miss. There were lots of “So. Dis there! Lovely” and after a few hours when all was clean, and moved and in she stepped back and said “Lovely. Bewdiful room Mumma!” And has been spending LOTS more time in there reading and hanging out ON HER OWN. I am loving it. She is loving it. Good solution, and it’s working for the moment so let’s go with it.

In the moving around, we moved out her change table because she hardly ever uses it, it takes up space and in a few (!) months time we will be able to use it for a certain someone else who will be needing nappies changed every few hours (oh shit I can’t believe we are about to do this all again!) And in moving that out, we moved in an old bedside table for Daisy with a whole lot of space for books. I found a collection of my (and my sister’s) old books that were kept by my Mum. I have spent the last few days reliving all my old favourites and am delighted to see that some of my favourites are being enjoyed just as much (if not more) by Daisy. Just tonight we got to read my original 1983 version of Pigs in Space (Miss Piggy is such a minx) as well as an old, old version of the Berenstein Bears – Bike Lesson. I also LOVE to see little parts of my 5/6 year old self in the books. In almost EVERY book I have put in my name, address, phone number, and date, how old I was when I got the book, and what year I was in at school as well as the name of my then teacher. All essential details. And then when I came across one of my little sister’s books I managed to get in her name, her address, her phone number (funnily enough the same as mine) and how old she was at the time, and in many cases, the date too – all for her benefit of course because she couldn’t write at the time.

It seems that I have always loved to record a given moment in time. And I guess that is why I enjoy this so much. Getting down the now, so I can look back and remember and laugh and reflect back on that moment in time. Even 25 years later like I did tonight.

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