The not’s and will’s

I am NOT going to write a post whining about how crap things have been the last few days. I am NOT going to bore you with details about Daisy and her “night terrors” and all the crazy kinds of fun they are. I am NOT going to tell you about my forced day off work yesterday (after getting fully dressed and on the bus to work to then get emergency call from husband who was in tears over our daughter telling me to come home), or the trip to the doctor, or the pattern of over tiredness that cannot be broken because we are all working too much, or any of it really because it’s boring. It will work out. It’s a little overwhelming. And it’s boring.

I WILL tell you about the great weekend we had away. Just the 3 of us. In a 5 star hotel in the city. THAT was awesome. I planned a little break a month or so ago through last minute and booked a secret hotel (they tell you where you are going after you have booked in hence extra cheap rates) and we landed at a swanky place in town, in our own little suite, with Daisy’s own little bed and our large and extremely comfortable bed. I read, and slept and read and slept and did some things in the city that were good fun. I love being somewhere where someone else cleans up, makes the beds, cooks the food and there is NO washing for me to do. THAT was good, so I will tell you all about that.

I WILL tell you about the lovely lunch we had on Sunday for my Mum’s birthday. THAT was fun, and lovely and tasty (as it always is at my Mum’s place). Daisy had a ball with her cousins and I got to sit and eat – brilliant!

I WILL tell you about all the little kicks I am getting, and how daily I am reminded that there is a certain little someone, ready to come and make our lives all the better and all the more crazy. I am scared, and excited all at the same time.

And I WILL tell you about 2 close friends of mine who had babes all in the one week…little Joe and little Lucy…welcome new friends!

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