Long Lunches

That weekend went by FAR too quickly for my liking. I was cursing under my breath (actually who am I kidding I was most certainly cursing Monday out loud this morning). I think it had something to do with me working on Friday and only having 2 days off. But whatever the case, it’s Monday and that kind of sucks.

Had a great weekend though. Filled with long lunches with friends and family. Saturday Rob and Daise headed up to his brothers place to spend the afternoon with their 3 girls while I got the chance to head out to a looooong lunch with one of my oldest friends who had just had a little babe 4 weeks ago, and another dear friend of both of ours. We had a fab time (them drinking the afternoon away) me getting just about as clucky as you can get cuddling that new born babe, and being told that it might just actually be OK with 2 kids. We ate great thai food, were warm inside, watched the rain outside and had a good old fashioned natter for about 5 hours. Brilliant!

Yesterday we had another loooooong lunch with Kate and Simes and Mads at their place. Again the weather was les miserables but the girls had SO MUCH FUN together playing, and we got to sit around and eat fabulous food (roast chook and my first ever sticky date pudding), drink good wine (me mostly watching others do this) and having my favourite kind of afternoon: sitting around the dining table drinking, eating, laughing and talking. About everything and anything.

Please excuse the state of, well, me in these shots. It was early Sunday morning and we were having a crack at our first ever sticky date pudding. Daisy was being such a good helper though so I couldn’t resist sharing her…just wish I could have taken out me. The groovy new do doesn’t look so groovy when it’s unwashed and just woken up. In fact do I have a rats tail? And also I CAN”T BELIEVE I WENT TO THE SUPERMARKET LOOKING LIKE THAT! Dear God woman, get it together!!

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