Little corners

The thing with living in a small(ish) house is trying to make do with the space you have and occasionally mix things up. When we moved Daisy’s room around the other week in order to refresh the feng shui (!) and see if her moving things around would make her want to spend more time in there we have created a few new little corners that I occasionally find the minx playing in.

So where her bed used to be, is now storage space for clothes and well, bits that little girls have.

The kitchen that used to be in the cubby house out the back has been cleaned up, and moved inside where it is actually being used. This was an old hand me down from my sister’s kids and while it is teeny tiny, it still gets a go and in her current obsession with cooking/tea parties – it is a favourite.

The bed is now under the window (which incidentally is also bad feng shui but we are working with it anyway). And she now has a little bedside table with her precious things on it and a photo of Rob and I (who wouldn’t want to see us first thing in the morning and last thing at night?!)/ And do you like how the bed isn’t made? I never get round to that and she doesn’t get it yet and Rob wouldn’t even notice it, so you know what? It never gets made. Except for when we have people coming over so I give the illusion that this is how it always looks. Oh! And do you like the quilt? I made that quilt! Years ago, without knowing one day it would be on my daughters bed – but I made it nonetheless – hand stitched! I know, brilliant!

And a little reading corner, where every night the minx sits in her chair, and reads a few books before heading into bed. She even refers to it as he reading corner. And it also has all her paintings from school, or from my Mum’s place that she does, and of course the latest and greatest star charts that have been completed!

And then there are our stairs. Fortunately they just go up to our attic bedroom so they are not a thoroughfare per se, she cooks on these, colours in on these, and the newest thing brings out EVERY single one of her toys on them (lined up over several stairs) and teaches them all things, and gives them haircuts. The other afternoon she was on these babies for almost an hour – playing by herself! I will take that any day….

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