Just being

After the exhausting week we had last week, it was so good to slow things down on Friday and over the weekend and just try and relax, get some rest and spend some time together. No rushing out the door, no tears and tantrums, just time to be.

On Friday Daisy and I had a lovely quiet day at home and Saturday was pretty much the same. Daisy and Rob spent the morning together on Sat so I had some time to myself (!) so went and saw one of my friend’s new babe Lucy. We had some friends over for dinner Sat night and then yesterday had a lovely mothers day with Rob’s mum in the morning and with my family in the afternoon at my brothers house. It was the perfect day for me – good food (care of some amazing cooking by my brother) and company, a happy Daisy who played all afternoon with her cousins, and beautiful cooler weather, and my all time favourite – time spent next to a fire. Heavenly.

I can report for historical fact only (I would not say anything about turning any corners or anything as silly as that) but Daisy has been doing a lot better at night. We haven’t had a terror episode since Thursday lunchtime. We decided to start waking Daisy (not fully, just enough for her to rollover) around 2 and a half hours after she went to sleep, and we have noticed a difference. The theory is that is breaks the cycle and helps her move from a deep (stage 4 sleep – look at me all into sleep patterns) into a lighter sleep stage. Saturday night she even managed to sleep from 7.15pm until 6.30am without calling out – or getting up – or freaking out once. That was the best mothers day present this Mumma could ask for!

Daisy was VERY clever and managed to get me the Office Series 1 AND 2 – she knows me so well! And the card – that is a giraffe on the front – just in case you missed the resemblance. She is gifted.


  1. Fantastic news! And I have to say, Daisy is getting just so gorgeous! WOW! Look at that face!

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