Back to reality

Just realised that it’s been almost a week since my last schmaltzy post. It’s funny how motherhood makes you all sentimental and in love with it all one minute and then back to reality with a thump. Or vomit in this case.

Last night we had the joy of a little someone hopping into OUR bed just in time for her to vomit up her dinner all over the bed. And Rob. Boy was I glad she was facing him, and not me, and that he sleeps with his head down in the pillow. Eeeeeek! Then it was washing, and soothing, and clothe changing and washing all at 1am in the morning. I think I got back to sleep at 3am then up at 5.30. Oh glamour of it all. But she is on the mend and after a day at home with her I think she will be OK to go to school tomorrow (read I will be plying her with panadol and sending her off). Poor petal had been a bit off all weekend and at least she waited until the very last part of the weekend right?!

We had a very quiet weekend – a 4th birthday party on Saturday with Rob’s cousin’s little girl in the morning and then that was about all…all weekend. It was perfect. Oh I also had my Mum over for a Sunday roast last night and THAT was it. Oh and the vomit. There was that.

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