Cause it’s about all I can handle today. Tired, tired, tired. I might even be so rude as to use bullet points. Yes, yes I will. Here they come – shooting right at chu – some stuff!

  • Daisy woke up at 4.30AM this morning. That is some crazy time be to be awake. And you know what? She didn’t even want to be awake. She was pissed off, and tired, and crying and tired but just couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. I had to come up with some crazy stories just to keep her lying down. They were about lolly lands, and elephants that were scared of giraffes or mice or something and stuff. I thought pretty good for a way tired Mumma. Rob agreed (she was in bed with us at the time). I don’t even want to think about how over tired she is going to be when she gets home from a full day at daycare after such an early start. I might just hide under my desk when 5.00pm comes around and just pretend that I forgot to go home.
  • I think I felt the baby move. This is ridiculous no? I am 14 weeks so there is no way I could be feeling it, but after lunch (which was a spicy soup that was hot hot hot) I was talking to a colleague and I swear I felt a few little kicks because as soon as it happened it all came flashing back to me. Then again it could have been gas…and I am tired…
  • I have my first appointment with my Ob tomorrow. I am so excited to see her again (it’s been 2 years since I last saw her – obviously) but I know it will be weird to be back in her office and all the feelings I felt last time will be sure to come back to me. Rob can even make the appointment. It’s going to be good. And expensive. But I am looking forward to hearing a wee heart beat and even getting another look.
  • I am in need of some carbs. So best I be off and get me some. I think banana bread may be required. Or muffin.

As I said. Terrible, boring ramblings, but a post nonetheless. Later.

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