Life. Death. And in between.

Heavy and deep title and I don’t quite think the content of this will match.

I am all kinds of mixed up this afternoon. This morning I went to the funeral of a friend from school’s sister, who at just 34 died from a 7 year battle with cancer. It was an amazing send off and celebration of a life that was lived to the full despite all her battles. My friend Lucy, delivered the eulogy and spoke strongly about her sister. She was so brave. And funny. And amazing. I was there alone, and sat through the service weeping quietly into my tissues at the injustice of it all. Of just how unfair it was that while we all got to spend our twenties and early thirties having a ball, meeting men, getting married and having babies she drew the cancer card and had to battle that. Of her poor family that has had to carry her through all her battles. Imagining myself trying to do the same for my little girl. Having to bury your own child before you. Let’s just say that the pregnancy hormones were in full swing!

After the ceremony I caught up with many old friends from school, some I hadn’t seen in 13 or more years. All there supporting our old friend. It was so good to see them. To be reminded of just how lucky I am for my health. The health of my child (children eek?!). The health of my close friends and family. For my lucky life. Everything I have been given, all that I have worked towards myself. It was a big morning.

And when I had to rush back down to work, I turned on my phone to discover that one of my oldest friends gave birth to her little boy this morning. Just about the same time as all this was happening.

A life in. And one out. Life truly amazes me. Especially on this cold and gloomy Wednesday.

And for some cheering up. Cause I need it. My brother sent me these through this morning and I couldn’t resist in putting them on here. I mean, look at how cute they are.

I will add in his commentary to them as well, because he is funny. I think so anyway.

Depression bathing during the GFC

The farmer girl called Nicole sipping her coffee on the ol’ front porch

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