I? Am Proud.

Big news round these parts over the past few days. Rob finally found out that they are going ahead with the production of the TV show he has been working on. This is BIG news!

Rob started on the show almost 2 and a half years ago with his business partner and a friend of theirs. They had an idea for a show (a comedy/drama following the lives of members of an up and coming rock band in Sydney – sorry if this is a bad synopsis Rob) and decided that his business would front the money and make the pilot. They got a crew and cast together and Rob directed and shot the pilot. They then had a screening, inviting everyone they knew from the industry to come (along with their cheque books) and be wowed! Long story short, 2 and a half years later someone was wowed and interested and after initially giving them money for script development they have decided that it’s all worth making into a 8 part (30 min) TV series that will (hopefully) be on Australian screens in the new year.

I am SO proud of Rob. He has worked his arse off on this thing. He has put up A LOT of his personal money, and time to make it happen. While this won’t mean much for his back pocket (it is criminal how little he will be paid to do this) it is a huge professional goal that he has kicked. The next few months are going to madness for our family. Crazy, wonderful madness. Rob will be head down into pre-production, then shooting for 5 weeks, then post and I am sure that there will be many headaches along the way. I will be working 4 days, and getting bigger and bigger by the minute. I hope that the shoot is done by the time the babe is due….I have this permanent anxious, excited feeling that you get when you are about to start an adventure that you don’t really know where it will take you. But how fun that we are lucky enough to even have this ride to go on – FAR more interesting!

But most of all I am so immensely proud of Rob. My TV director/producer/writing husband that had an idea and went “stuff it, what the hell have we got to lose?”. Nothing. Nothing at all.

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