Fun with friends

We had a great weekend, busy but great and most of it spent doing things with Daisy and her little friends.

Friday we attempted a visit to the Sydney Easter Show with one of my oldest friends from school and her little boy Julian. We met bright and early and threw ourselves into the crowds of people to see baby animals, rides, food and all sorts of strange things that you see at a fair/carnival. Daisy had so much fun and I will admit to getting stuck into some bad food, and having fun on the rides too.

Please excuse the state of my arms. I have been trying not to get any photos of me on here at the moment because, well, I am hideous! It appears that I now have the upper arms of a senior citizen. Who knew you could carry baby weight in YOUR ARMS? Urrgh…..

Saturday I behaved like some sort of hormonal wildebeest. I felt sorry for both Rob and Daisy many, many times as I seemed to loose my shit over nothing at all. I did the weekly shop (which admittedly will throw anyone over the edge and I realised just why it is best to steer clear of shopping centres on Saturday morning) and then got home to an extremely over tired Daisy who refused to go to sleep despite her state of exhaustion. Honestly, is there anything more frustrating than an over tired toddler who refuses your help in trying to make them feel better? Rob took her away from me before I completely lost it, and so she managed to get some sleep in the car as he drove around. Poor bastard. I then stayed at home and caught some of the movie Parenthood on TV and managed to just weep my way through it. As I said, hormonal wreck. We then had to head off to a 3rd birthday Fairy party (cause that’s just the thing you need when you feel like that) where Daisy proceeded to get even more tired, but had a lot of fun jumping on the jumping castle and getting pepped up on lollies and all things princess related. I went to bed early Saturday night, but proceeded to be woken up every hour from about 2am from parties around our house.

Sunday Daisy and I met with Kate and Maddie for a trip to see Scooby Doo on stage. Kate was given the tickets for free and we knew that the girls were quite young to see something like this but thought it was worth a shot. Poor Mad’s lasted all of about 2 minutes when a pirate appeared on stage and she completely lost her shit. Poor thing was terrified and the concert drew to an abrupt end for them. Daisy was transfixed and quite keen to stay on but was concerned for Mad’s and eventually decided that she would prefer to see her over Scooby Doo so we left about 40 mins into the show. We then all got the bus home and hung out for a bit back at our place. In some ways I glad that we got to leave early – the show was very low rent – bad production value (what am I a theatre critic now) but worst of all – the man playing scooby doo had on this tight tan costume and you could totally see his PECKER out the sticking out the front of the costume (not totally out, but outlined, you know, through the tan costume, like at the ballet?). Eeeeeeeeew!

This is a picture just before the show…but a few minutes later things turned…for the worse.

The afternoon was pure perfection and just the thing that I needed: Daisy slept for 2 hours. It was raining outside. I sat, actually no, I laid on the couch and watched Sex and the City re-runs. Then when she awoke she was happy to chill out at home, playing around me whilst I stayed on the couch. Then I cooked a lovely dinner and we all sat around at the table together and ate it, whilst listening to some good music then had dessert, then had a good old dance off after dinner.

It was heavenly. And just the cure for my crazy hormones and getting through another week of work. Hopefully Rob won’t be working as much this week and work won’t be as crazy and before we all know it, it will be Thursday night and we have another weekend ahead of us. In any case, I feel like I will be able to cope because we actually have food in the fridge and cupboards and that is one less thing I have to think about this week.

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