Easter Treats

If there is one thing my family do well, it’s to entertain and put on a fabulous lunch. Yesterday we caught up with My Mum and step dad, brother and his wife and kids for an early Easter lunch as we won’t be together this weekend. We ate SO well, drank some french champagne to celebrate and toast Rob’s success, and sat around the table and nattered, and ate some more! Daise had a ball with Zac and Mia (and even bossed around little Ava. I think she finally realised that she isn’t the smallest one anymore). This pregnant lady was in heaven – an entertained 2 year old and a constant stream of good food and great company!

Mum’s Easter treat dessert for the kids: A meringue nest with 3 little eggs. Full of sugar and certainly a little crazy but they LOVED it!

Some stuffed zucchini flowers (stuffed with ricotta and olives) dipped in tempura batter and fried off. DIVINE.

Mum’s Easter present for the kids: their own little egg cups filled up with a crazy lunch creation – green eggs and ham (guacamole!)

And for our dessert: Chocolate hot cross buns bread and butter pudding. 3 words: Oh my stars.

And I missed a photo of our main course – rabbit parpadelle (home made pasta of course by Milton) a cheeky ode to Easter!

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