They like me! They really like me!

So…I found out that I have a job! A real job! I was offered the current role that I took up on a 1 month contract on a permanent basis starting…now! I am thrilled about this, it is such a load off knowing that I don’t have to keep looking for work anymore, that I will be paid on a regular basis and will get annual leave and sick leave and all that stuff that I thought I may miss out on in taking temp/contract work. And the best bit? It’s 4 days per week! I honestly can’t believe my luck in finding such a great role, in a great business with a fabulous female boss who acknowledges and appreciates family and work/life balance, and especially given the current market and that this job is in finance. I am even being paid more than what I was in my previous job but with a lot less stress and a whole lot more understanding. I feel lucky, lucky, lucky and excited about the future. Hooray!


  1. Anonymous says

    ….thanks Therese x

  2. yay! congratulations! this is WONDERFUL news!!

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