Swimming against the tide

So here I am back at work on a Monday morning wondering where the hell the weekend went and why I am not feeling more rested! I think that this work thing is going to take some getting used to….I am tired. Tired. Like in every bone in your body tired. I hate that I managed one pathetic post last week in which I complained about being tired but I honestly have not had the time or energy to come up with anything to write about except being tired. And it’s getting boring I know. So…for the record at least this is what we did on the weekend:

Friday night I got home from work and crashed out. Not before I managed to get possibly the best take away Chinese I have had in quite some time….oh the sweet crispy skin chicken was oh so good and just the thing that I needed. Saturday morning I had a long overdue appointment at the hairdressers to finally get my hair coloured and cut. I love going to the hairdressers, I love the time out for me, the reading of the goss magazines and the constant supply of good coffee that they get from the good cafe next door…BUT…the time it takes drives me crazy. It takes my hairdresser anything from 3 to 4 hours to do my hair! And I have short hair. By the 3rd hour I am usually going out of my brain willing the colour along and cursing any other client she is working on to hurry up. I am certain if she just focused on me for the whole time we could knock it down to 2 hours tops. Then Sat arvo we all chilled out together at the park before another (riveting) night at home where I went to bed at 9pm or something equally as exciting! Yesterday we went and saw my nephew at Nippers at Avalon (nippers is surf life saving for little kids) which was great fun. I caught up with some family, had a great late breakfast/brunch and soaked up the best of the day then got home to a rainy afternoon and more time relaxing at home. It was a quiet weekend. not exciting. But just the thing that this lady needed.

This week I think I am only working 4 days which is FAB and we have a concert to go to Thursday night and a 40th on Sat night so a few things to look forward to. In between I will be getting as much sleep as I can, spending as much time with Daisy as I can (all 1.5 hours a day) and working as well as I can. Hope you all have a good week!

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