C’mon April!

Or as Daisy would say “Tarmon! Tarmon!”. She seems to say c’mon alot these days. “C’mon Dad hurry up! C’mon Mum, come and play with me!” I should probably teach her to say something else…but it’s cute. But I digress….

I am willing April to hurry up, and while I am not one to wish my life away it seems like getting there has taken such a loooong time. I guess some of the reasons I want it to finally get here are:

1. I get paid in April. I haven’t been paid any money into my bank account for any work since the 15th December. I am hanging for some money so I can contribute to the house. To buy myself some clothes as my expanding body seems to no longer fit into any that I own. I have been working for a month now and still no money. I am hanging for this pay cheque. First thing I will do (after paying lots of bills and mortgages and transferring money between accounts) is buy myself something for me. Some perfume or something extravagant that will be just for me. C’mon Wednesday!

2. I will reach that magical 12 week mark in April. I will hopefully start to feel better, and more normal, and more together, and less tired AND I can finally know one way or another that there is actually a babe in my stomach and I have not just caught some bug that makes me sick, cranky and fat.

3. We have Easter in April. Easter is almost my favourite holiday of the year. The 4 days off, the cooler weather, the hot cross buns I just love it! This year we are going up to the farm for the 4 days – in fact – I have the Thursday off before as well so we are getting out of Sydney on Thursday morning first thing, then staying until Monday. That’s 4 nights people. 4 whole days at the farm. I am so excited about doing nothing, walking, swimming, spending time with Daisy and Rob and eating chocolate. It will be bliss.

Until then, March has quite a few busy days left up her sleeve for me at work so best I be off and actually do some of that work so I do get paid….!

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