Cause it’s just weird not mentioning it…

So….this happened a few weeks back:

Yep. Pregnant. Up the Duff. Hilaried. Bun in the oven and all that. Yay! I just had to finally mention it (thanks Rob for letting me before time) because it’s so weird to not mention something SO big that is happening and as a consequence I find myself not writing anything cause it’s weird. So there. I am. Preggers that is.

We found out on Daisy’s birthday about 4 weeks ago. Whilst it was something we were actively trying for it’s always such a shock to see those 2 lines pop up. And I had some bleeding at the beginning which made me think that I lost it, but in fact I think it was just some implantation bleeding or something. So it’s early days and I am not trying to count chickens and all that but I figure that in any case if I was to loose the baby, or something comes up I will write about it here anyway. Honestly how can I not mention it? But in saying that I am not going to whack it up in my status on Facebook because if something does happen I don’t want to have to then explain all…blah blah blah you know what I mean? So not everyone reads this so I am happy for it to be here but until we get the OK from the 12 week scans and all that I will keep it (kinda) under wraps (well in so much as putting it on the world wide web and all).

Rob and I are thrilled with the news. Another baby. A brother or sister. It feels like we will well and truly be a proper family. I have been feeling just as I should be – like shit. Exhausted, tired, you know that debilitating tiredness that consumes every inch of your body? I have been woozy all day (who came up with morning sickness?) and even had a few vomits thrown in for good measure. The starting of full time work probably hasn’t helped matters and the hormones and guilt of being away from Daisy and focusing on another little being has made for a few tears…already! We are (at this stage) expecting on the 23rd October (which makes me 5 mins pregnant or almost 9 weeks) so there is a loooong way to go.But there it is. Just had to say it, so you know. I am anxious about the scan coming up (given our bad experience last time with Daisy which is a long story for another post) but I am happy. So happy. And tired. And let’s not forget woozy. Oh so woozy.


  1. I had to blog about it way early because I felt like I was writing things like “oh nothing of note is happening in my life, here have a cake recipe”… so although this is old news now, take heart that I know how you felt in 2009 haha xx


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