"Bye bye. Work now Mummy"

These are the words that Daisy said to me this morning as she waved me off out the door and asked for her Dad to come and play with her. SIGH.

No, no, it’s all fine, albeit exhausting! I started on Monday and have been flat out all day in the office, then home to deal with public transport and an almost 1 hour commute (which is outrageous seeing as home is probably on 10 kms away), then thrown in the deep end of witching hour with Daisy who throws in some added extra feral behaviour because she wants to punish me a little for leaving her all day, then her dinner, bath and bed, then our dinner and then I collapse. Rob has been amazing though and has really done everything so well. I think he is quite enjoying the time with Daisy and I know they will be thick and thieves by the time the week is up. I am really enjoying being back in the big corporate world (Rob has been calling me Melanie Griffths all week as I am a PA) and although I don’t have Meryl Streep as a boss it has been quite overwhelming trying to get my head around all the things I have to do and know – the crazy acronyms of corporate world all while walking in heels!

I am hanging for Friday night. For bed. For Saturday morning and some time with Daisy. Although this is just short term I think it’s going to feel like a looooooong time.

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