Broken record

I feel sick.
I am so tired.
The weekend went by too quickly.
Daisy is so sweet she breaks my heart.

Sound familiar? So I thought I would miss all those bits that seem to come straight after a weekend even though I am desperate to say just how sick I feel, how tired and how sweet Daisy is and how ridiculously fast the weekend went. Again.

I worked 5 days last week which almost killed me. By Friday afternoon I was this hormonal, headachy, exhausted shadow of the former Beth who was SO happy to see the weekend. Even though I felt terrible by the time I got home, I celebrated with Rob and Daisy by going out to dinner to our local pizza shop. It was awesome. Good pizza, and chocolate gelato and a conversation with Rob PLUS we got to leave all the mess behind. My current idea of heaven. I think I went to bed 3 minutes after Daisy did.

Saturday we had a quiet day at home as Rob had to work all day. Daisy and I caught up with a few ladies and little ladies at the local park, then mooched about at home. It was about all I could do. I think I did some washing but it made me sick so I was back to the couch. Everything, honestly these days makes me feel sick. I can never get on the laptop at home after work because it makes me feel sick. It does. Clearly I am mental. Sat night I made us all go out to dinner again so I could satisfy my current urgings for chicken burgers and mayo and fries with mayo. I am into mayo. Then I crashed out again early.

Yesterday you can see from my previous entry that we had a great morning. The afternoon was busy but great too. High Tea with some ladies at 2.30 which was fabulous and completely satisfied my cupcake/scone/cucumber sandwich cravings then at 4.00pm we had an engagement party which completely satisfied my sushi cravings (which I didn’t even know I had until there was a platter placed in front of me). In fact I am pretty sure I shouldn’t even be eating this stuff but it was so good I could not refuse. And just when you think I hadn’t eaten enough over a 6 hour period I got in the car at 8.15pm, in my pyjamas and drove to McDonald’s so I could get a quarter pounder with cheese. I have to be stopped.

I am hoping that this week sees a change and that I actually start to feel better. I have high hopes that when the hormones return to normal at the magical 12 week mark that I will start to crave salads, and fresh juices rather than the chocolate milkshake/mayo combo I have going on at the moment. A girl’s gotta dream…

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