What I loved about today:

Sunshine! And the first morning and full day of it in over a week. Maybe longer? Blue skies! The frangipanis on the tree next door and the flowers in our own little garden.

And a chance to get through the growing laundry pile. 3 loads? Maybe 4.

Also: speaking to my sister in London and squealing with her
Also: hanging with my Mum and making her what she thought was a yummy sandwich for lunch
Also: Daisy pointing to me with her little finger as if berating me “one more K?” I must do it. A lot.
Also: seeing photos of my sister’s kids in Melbourne. The twins birthday party and cakes and Alice’s first day at school. Divine.
Also: my bed that I am about to collapse into. Honestly, I love that bed. Who knows how long I will be in it? But I will love it when I am there. I just know it.

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