Sigh and Slap

Here I am on another Monday morning without a job. I am not quite sure why I would want to be at work now instead of being at home being able to soak up these glorious summer days, but hey you always want what you don’t have…or something like that right? I have been wallowing a little this morn…thinking about the job that I don’t have, that doesn’t seem to be out there, of the bank account that keeps getting lower with nothing going in. It’s all so yuck. I have always worked. If I have had a break it has been through choice, or maternity leave. I HATE not contributing to the household. It just makes me feel inadequate and all round useless. I know something will come up but at this stage of trawling the market it looks like a job at Kmart may be on the cards. If I can’t find something that makes the $ worthwhile I will just have to take Daise out of care and be a full time mother. This is all scaring the bejesus out of me.

So anyway, let’s distract ourselves. I seem to be pretty good at that at least! We had a really good weekend. Good weather, good times…all good. Saturday we had a pretty quiet day at home in the morning and then in the afternoon we dropped Daisy off at Rob’s Mum’s place for a sleepover. We had dinner plans on Saturday night with 2 other couples which was great fun. We had booked this late last year (as we all have little kids under 3) and were all excited to be out! In the city! At a restaurant! I loved it and had a ball. It felt like the old days (notice I didn’t say good) when we could go out for a chat, not have to worry about getting home for babysitters, and char and laugh. It was good to have that for a few hours at least. Not to mention the sleep in we got yesterday morning and uninterrupted sleep. Heaven. Yesterday we had some friend’s over for a late lunch and a swim in our dodgy blow up pool. The girls had a ball together, as did we.

So a good weekend all round. I am going to try to pull myself out of this self pity and just get on with it. Surely there will be something for me out there soon enough. So here I go…SIGH and SLAP (I just keep on sighing and then slapping myself out of it).


  1. Ok, but if there is ever a time of year to be out of a job, Summer might be it? Don’t be so hard on yourself- my Mom always says that everything happens for a reason. Everything will work out, even if not in the way you thought it would.

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