A regular Martha

Funny thing…the other day I quilted! And stitched! And used a sewing machine! Why all of these (!) I hear you ask? Because this is SO not something I would do. My Mum and sister are both quite crafty and make quilts and the like and I just seemed to have missed that gene somewhere along the way. I mean I know I could do it if I really wanted to, but it just never really floated my boat so to speak. Don’t get me wrong I am amazed at what people can do, and think they are creative and wonderful and I certainly love receiving their work when I am lucky enough to be given something, but it’s just not me. I would much prefer to watch Project Runway you know?

But this week we were given a project. It is my cousin’s 40th birthday next month and my Aunt decided that all the women in his family should make him a small panel that would be stitched together into a quilt and given to him as present. Very Amish like. So with much trepidation I agreed to do a panel and went around to Mum’s place on Tuesday to try and get it out of the way whilst Daisy was at daycare. And I did it! And used a sewing machine in the process. And you know what? I think I actually enjoyed it as well. But don’t tell anyone. I can see how you could totally get into this, and make stuff, even clothes for your kids. It could be great fun. And creative, not to mention cheap. As I said, don’t tell anyone!
Here is my panel (well a small section from it). Not great I know, but certainly not the worst I have ever seen. I think the style is called naive? To give a bit of background – he is a wood turner by trade and makes amazing furniture. He runs the family business that he had to take over from my Uncle when he died way before his time, unexpectedly a number of years ago. He has built an amazing home with his wife who is an architect from nothing, and has 4 great kids. The words that I used “from little things, big things grow” are one of my all time favourite Australian songs from an amazing Indigenous song writer Kev Carmody. They could not be more apt for him. So, it’s a tree, his house, and garden and just, well stuff. I am quite proud of myself and I am looking forward to seeing how the finished product comes out.

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