Marital bliss

As suspected, it was a lovely weekend. The wedding was lovely, weather and surroundings superb, company of friends fun and time alone with Rob…bliss.

We left Saturday morning and arrived up at the farm to help preps around 11am. We set tables, helped with flowers and got to share that pre-wedding excitement with the bride and groom. We then headed back to the hotel, got ready and were back at the property and into the party! The wedding was lovely – great vows and small ceremony – then it was a great evening of fab food and wine and champagne. All round lovely.

Sunday we were back there around 10am for a recovery breakfast with most of the guests, swims in the river and the pool and a very relaxing and slow day. We stayed last night with one other couple – had a great dinner and crashed out early and slept soundly all. night. long.

The time alone with Rob was SO nice. The distance from Daisy was hard because of course we both desperately missed her – but it was lovely to just have 2 days alone together. I don’t think we have had that since she was born. It was divine to see her again this afternoon, and we have been kissing and hugging all afternoon just because we can.
As an aside, it would be wrong of me not to mention the terrible fires that have affected so many in Victoria over the weekend. While we were busy celebrating with our loved ones people were losing their homes, memories, pets and even worse family members. It is SO awful to see how many people, communities and towns have been destroyed by nature. They are all in my thoughts.


  1. Looks wonderful. And warm. I’m jealous.

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