Happiness is…

A trip to Ikea without having to go yourself!

Mum went and picked up Daisy a new little table and chairs for her birthday. She loves, loves, loves it. She has her own little space to do colouring & play doh and all that stuff.

And it forced me to get organised and re-arrange things. I feel SO organised! I know this isn’t much when people usually have space to do this…but in a small place like ours this feels fab! And as she sat there this afternoon playing she was actually just sitting there singing Happy Birthday to herself. Honestly.


  1. We have a table and chairs just like that in our kitchen for The Dictator. He loves it and I like that he is not always coloring on my dinner table. I do hate the play-doh messes though. Ugh dear goodness I HATE Play Doh

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