Busy, busy, busy

Who ever knew just how busy you can be when you are two. Daisy’s days are filled with running from one new toy to the next (thanks to all her new birthday presents). She LOVES drawing and colouring in and using stickers and drawing, she is obsessed with play doh although it ends the same way every time – she eats it – I get cranky and it gets put away for 2 days as punishment until it comes out again and she eats it again. She has also thrown some pretty good tantrums of late. The terrible twos are here well and truly with some of the wobblies that have been thrown this morning over really important things like wanting (or not wanting) to do something, or eat something, or sleep or not sleep. You know, they want it and don’t want it at the same time with SUCH passion.

It’s crazy and busy and messy and tiring and hectic and stressful and just lovely.

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