The big day

Daisy playing with her new doll house which has been a HUGE success and even better because it only cost me 20 bucks!

THE cake…funnily (well actually not really) topical given the 2 shark attacks in Sydney this last week!

Spot getting a once over with the new doctors kit

What a day! What a lovely day we had with our little lady on her 2nd birthday. It was such a great, quiet day. We spent the whole day at home (due mostly to the pouring rain and unseasonal cold weather) doing whatever Daisy wanted – playing with her new toys, dancing, watching whatever TV/DVD’s she wanted to watch, eating what she wanted. 2 of her grandmas (my Mum and Rob’s mum) came over in the afternoon and we headed to the local pizza shop for an early dinner. The minx crashed out last night and I just know that she had the BEST day. I will never forget the way at any chance she got she would tell anybody that it was her ‘birfday’ and when we sang her Happy Birthday she was SO excited and SO overwhelmed that her eyes actually welled up with tears of happiness. Honestly.

And the cake! Did I mention that Rob had challenged me to a ‘cake off’ this year? He decided on a shark cake ages ago that he would do on her actual birthday and I will do mine next weekend at the party. He did a great job, and Daisy was SO excited by it. But I think I can do better next week. We will let the people decide…!

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