Sunday Night Blues

I have ’em. I shouldn’t. I mean it’s not like I have to go to work tomorrow. But I have ’em. And have ’em baaaad. I think it’s because I know that Daisy has to go back to daycare and I am already anxious about the screaming fit we are going to get. It’s not going to be pretty – over three weeks with Rob and I every day. Eeeek! And Rob is going back into the office. It’s just going to be like a normal week, back into the swing of things EXCEPT that I don’t know quite what I am going to do. I was meant to get stuff sorted on this break. Think about what I wanted to do – what industry, what type of position and job and all that I just didn’t. I pushed it to the back of my mind because I was having too much fun.

So back to reality well and truly for all 3 of us. I just want to go and play and hide and pretend it’s not happening. How long can I realistically do that for?

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