A month?!

I just looked at the calendar to check today’s date…the 20th…realised that it was a MONTH that we went away and then looked at the time…11.50am and realised it is EXACTLY a month since we left. We took off at this time. Weird hey? Well maybe just to me. The point is though that I can’t quite believe that was a month ago. It seems like yesterday and now it’s a month ago. And before too long it will be a year ago. And then we will be like “remember when we went to Paris in 2008? 20 years hey?”. Time goes WAY to fast. I think that’s my point.

Onto other things. Important things. Like Daisy’s 2nd birthday party in just a few weeks time! 2! Ok enough of these ! But I can’t quite believe that our little lady will be 2. What a big girl. We are going to have a small party with just family the week after her birthday as my sister and her little girl Alice are up from Melbourne the following weekend and we wanted them to be a part of it too. I am working on a theme…games…and THE cake. I think it will be all nursery rhyme themed and will work around that. With all the time in the world on my hands it should be an extravaganza…

This morning I also swam again. A km which I was quite proud of (that’s 20 laps). And later in the week we are headed to my Dad’s place at the Beach for 4 days as we have a long weekend this weekend. Then next week, well I think I better pull my finger out and actually try and find me some work. Until then it’s party preps, exercise and summer times….

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