Chasing her shadow

On Sunday Daisy, Rob and I were at the park walking along the pathway in full sunshine when Daisy stopped and asked “what’s that?” (sure it sounded more like dat? dat? with pointing) and when we stopped and worked it out we realised that she was pointing out her shadow on the ground. We tried to explain how it works – difficult to an almost 2 year old – but in any case she was both enamoured with it and frustrated with it. She wanted it to go away, then when we were in the shade she wondered where it went. She was interested to see that both Rob and I had one. Even the tree. The swing. The slippery dip. They ALL had one. She has kept up about it all week…looking down for the “sadow”.

I love these moments of being a parent. Of explaining things that you yourself have never stopped to think about. And the pause in your busy life….and the enjoyment of experiencing the simple things in life.

And I love that Daisy is always on the lookout for her newest friend these days.

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