Australia Day Loooong Weekend

We have had a great 3, no actually 4 nights away…soaking up the sun and following the coastline from the south to the north. Thursday night we headed back down to the place where my brother was staying for a night, then back home early Friday morning, then Daisy and I headed up to my Dad’s place on Friday afternoon for the rest of the weekend at their house at Pearl Beach.

It was heavenly…the weather was HOT…in fact on Saturday so hot that it was too hot for the beach. We swam, we walked on the beach, we played in the garden, we played Boules, we drank wine and eat great food. We slept well – all of us – every night which in itself is sometime better than any holiday break away. Daisy was spoiled rotten by her grandparents, had lots of toys to play with (including their dogs who even had stickers put on them!). All in all it felt like a compressed month long summer holiday in just 3 days.

Today, for Australia Day, we went down to the beach to watch races with kids and adults, eat home made cakes that were for sale and listen to the band playing. We got home this afternoon and it feels like the end of the holidays. Schools go back tomorrow. It’s like the end of the summer. I think I am going to have to get serious and find some work and stop pretending that I am on holidays.

But jeepers have I had some good times to remember! Happy Australia Day!

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