At least the house will be clean

So I am now in day 2 of my unemployed status. Well not really, I mean I finished work on the 17th Dec but that took me into holiday mode and then last week I was in jet lag, unpacking mode so that didn’t count either.

It started yesterday. On a Monday when I dropped Daise off at daycare, and Rob went to work and I well, I got in the car and came home. I am still a little unsure of how I feel about this all. I know that I should be enjoying the freedom and in no time I will have some shitty job that I can complain about and not want to go to…but it will be MY shitty job that I have to go to!

Anywho, so yesterday I cleaned like a woman possessed. I washed. Oh how I washed. And I cleaned out cupboards, cleaned out drawers of clothes and took them to the charity bins. I put away Daisy’s winter clothes (only 6 months late) and washed out almost every square inch of her room. I went to a hardware store (!) to get some supplies, and washed, and cleaned some more like a 9 month pregnant woman on a nesting spree. I think I was what you might call distracting myself! But it was brilliant and I got lots done. THEN I went and picked up Daisy from daycare (why might you ask was she there when she could have been at home with me? Well because we pay a shitload of money to them so I figure I may as well try and get some value there, plus give myself a break and if we take her out then we loose her place and will be back to the start of the 3 year waiting list or something equally outrageous and why exactly am I justifying my actions? I just did okay?) where was I? Oh yes, when I picked up Daisy from daycare (early, like 2 and a half hours early…sorry there I go justifying myself again) we went to the park, then when we came home I prepared a wholesome home cooked meal. No Stress. In all the time I wanted. No rushing. Then she went to bed and had her most ‘normal’ sleep since we have been home. And I state this for historical fact only, I am not saying that any corner has been turned on the jet lag front. All in all it was a GOOD day. For an unemployed, non working kind of Monday.

This morning, after I dropped Daisy off at daycare, I went to the POOL. And swam. 12 laps. That’s only 600 metres but not bad for someone who does NO exercise. And that was good. This could be a good thing this no working thing.

I have an interview tomorrow, and then Thursday and Friday Daisy and I can hang out and do fun stuff rather than having to cram all the washing and cleaning and shopping that we normally have to do. Hurrah!

And here are some snaps of a little redecorating done in the minx’s room. Rob’s Mum gave Daisy these divine little cards with flower names and fairies on them which we have put up all around the room. It looks very sweet doesn’t it? And clean? Funny what you can do when you are home alone…

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