It seems that Daise doesn’t need to wait until she is 2 before she hits the terrible twos…she is well and truly there. No I shouldn’t complain about her at all – but she has had a few moments of late that show she is a little more grown up and would like things a ‘certain’ way as in HER way.

She has been hitting Rob lately. A lot. I don’t know why. I don’t know what he has done, but something terrible because any chance she can get she will lash out at him. Delightful I know. And poor Rob is starting to get a complex. Then she will turn around a moment later and kiss him and say “luv oo” as if nothing happened. She is smart this kid – thinks if she is sweet as a well, Daisy, you will forget it. Sometimes the kiss is SO sweet that you do – other times I just roll my eyes at her.

She also has been clearly seeing how much she can push me. If I say don’t do something, she will continue to do it approx 47 more times until I snap. It’s like a game to her. I won’t be beaten but by Jesus is it exhausting. And then when she is just plain bored, or tired, or something is not to her liking she does this whingy tone thing until she gets her way. But I also feel terrible because when I ask her “what do you say?” she says “sorry mumma” as the automatic response! How awful!

I think these next few weeks/months nay years will be testing me in this way. I really need to work on my patience and just let it wash over me. Easier said than done. And I am so not complaining about it, she is wonderful in all her ways even her cranky, whingy ways, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, this is just merely recording the behaviour for future prosperity (and letting me vent!).

I tried to capture some of it today. Not quite to standard but a reasonable example…firstly the face that is a half smile when she has again asked me for the same thing for the 58th time. This is the face that says “I wonder if this time will break her?”

And this is the face when I say No. For the 59th time. What a FUN game!

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