A very Merry Christmas Indeed

So here we are boxing day morning in our divine apartment. The first 2 days that we had de-jetlagging were as good as can be expected…lots of resting and trying to get on Paris time. We were staying in Montmarte (excuse the spelling) which was a great spot…lots of good food and walks to do. Our second morning we were up early with Daisy and walked up to the Sacre Cour where we watched the sunride over this beautiful city. It was such a special moment with Rob and Daisy – we practically had the place to ourselves – it was quiet, and dark, and cold and oh so beautiful – all the things I knew this place would be.

On Tuesday we arrived at the apartment. It is everything I hoped and knew it would be. It is even actually bigger and better than what I thought it would be (if that is possible) with lots of space for us all – LOTS of kids DVD’s for Daise to watch and even a little bed for Daise. We celebrated the arrival of Mum and Lucy with lots of champagne (French of course!) and an afternoon walk through the local fresh produce markets. I mean honestly….how lucky can we get? We spent Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping, constructing a tree, and storing up on supplies for Christmas day. Lucy’s boyfriend Chris arrived on Christmas Eve night so we were all home safe and warm in our house ready for Christmas Day. Daisy was SO into Christmas…I didn’t think she would be as she is so young but she was totally into Santa and presents (of course the presents) but also putting her stocking out (she called it Santa’s toes) and leaving out some biscuits for Santa to eat. SO sweet!

Christmas morning we were awake early with Daise desperate to see Santa’s toes and to see the biscuits. We opened presents…had some more champagne for breakfast…and then went for a walk to the local (beautiful) Parc Monceau. Daisy played in the park, we walked around and enjoyed the perfect crisp weather that we never usually get to enjoy Christmas morning. It really felt like Christmas should be. We had a beautiful lunch – roast duck and vegies – plenty of champagne and wine – macaroons for dessert and after lunch a walk in the cold afternoon down to the Eiffel tower and down the Champs Elysee to look at all the amazing lights – oh my stars the lights here – it is like nothing I have seen before!

Anyway, so now we have so many days ahead of us…cold weather forecast…and I just know so many more precious memories to savour. I think we are going to go to Disneyland tomorrow which my sister and I are so excited about although I know that Daisy will love it as well. Today a trip to the Luxemborg Gardens to see if we can sail some boats around the lake, and a walk around St Germain. Oh yes, PLENTY more good times ahead.

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