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In amongst all of the excitement of the big trip I guess I may or may not have been NOT thinking about the whole transit thing of actually getting there. The whole 24+ (yes you read that right) plane trip from Australia via Hong Kong to Paris thing. Yep. Denial.

Most people have been telling me how hard it is going to be. I have been of the attitude of – well it’s only 24 hours out of our lives how bad can it really be? Lately we have had some pretty tough 24 hour periods with her anyway so how different can it be? AND when we get there we will be having the best time that surely that is worth it? Other people have been telling me that I should build it up to be SO bad so that when it’s not you can be pleasantly surprised. I know that every time I have caught a long haul flight that along with the cramped space comes a kids crying – it just blends into the whole flight experience.

So…I am looking for any advice that anyone has on travelling on a plane, long distances with a toddler. Daisy is 22 months now, but pretty content to sit and play if she has something that takes her interest. I have been told that we should get her some new toys – wrap them up – and every few hours let her open a new one. I also have drugs (don’t tell me you have never heard of this!) up my sleeve but I really need to test those before we go as I have heard terror stories of the drugs having the opposite effect! I did also read (thanks to Mum) that we should create a little routine on the plane – book, stickers, card game, snack, walk and repeat. Sounds good in theory…

Our itinerary looks like this:

Departs Syd 11.50am (should get some sleep during this time as she normally has her arvo nap)
Arrives Hong Kong 6pm (just got to stretch her out till we get to the plane)
Departs Hong Kong 11.30pm
Arrives Paris 5.50am



  1. I didn’t do 24 hours, but I did do something like 15, and it wasn’t that bad. Just bring lots of contained toys, like books and coloring materials and snacks (TONS of snacks) and cups of juice and water and milk and all that. Do you have a portable dvd player? Definitely bring that. Does she have her own seat? That will make it much easier, but just make sure to have all her bedtime stuff (toys, blankies, etc). Gabe also loved one of those magnetic pads where you can draw with a special pen and then erase it. Big hit with him. Ummm, let me think what else.

    Change of clothes for both of you, in case anyone throws up or spills something dramatically. Tons of diapers and wipes.

    Let me think of what else and I can email you. It’ll be FINE, though, don’t worry about it. Just prepare yourself to possibly not sleep for the whole flight, but honestly it might make it easier when you land because she’ll be so tired she’ll crash and get right on the new time zone. That is what happened to us and it was a blessing in disguise although during the flight I didn’t know that and was ready to cry because I was sooo tired.

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