Should be…


But just thought I better get in one last little post before we head off. Yesterday was such a disappointment but I have woken this morning ready to start the next phase of my life and I have plenty to distract me from the nerves and fear that will kick in big time in January. Yes, all that worry can wait…I have a trip to go on!

I have most of all of our stuff out…not yet in bags but on the bed ready to go into the bags. It’s good that the seasons are completely different so I don’t have to be washing like a mad thing and not have anything to wear because it’s already packed. I have had my hair done – very important! And just have a few last minute things to pick up in the morning, then all the stuff into the bags and then we are off!

Daisy’s sleep is already so upside down that I hope the transition to European time will be a walk in the park (!) that or she is soooooo tired that she will sleep the entire plane trip (!) HA!!!!!!!! A girl can dream can’t she? She has been waking outrageously early….every morning for the past 2 or more weeks…like 4.45am early or if we are lucky we might get an occasional sleep in till 5.45am. And I can’t seem to change it – later bed times and she is still up – so she has been going to bed earlier. I honestly give up on sleep and trying to work it out!

I have been checking the Paris weather forecasts like a woman possessed. I have emailed, texted, facebooked my sister and Mum like a crazy woman. And as soon as Rob has finished work tomorrow night I will well and truly allow myself to get excited about this. It IS happening. We ARE going. Happy Holidays indeed!

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