Paris…with no kids nonetheless…oh my!

I won’t go on too much about just how good a time we are having here. It might get boring, and a little in your face, but OH MY STARS are we having a good time!

Boxing day we spent out and about – took the metro to Notre Dame and had a little look around there. The weather has been bitterly cold, but brilliant blue skies and sunshine which just makes this city look even more beautiful if that is possible! We walked to the Luxembourg Gardens which is known as a park for kids – pony rides, great equipment, a little pond with toy boats that can be raced…Daisy loved it. Then a short walk to Isle St Lois for a spot of lunch then home again on the metro. Daisy has been SO good with all of the travelling about in the day – in the cold – on the trains and back in and out. She is in love with my sister and her boyfriend and is being completly spoiled by all the attention all the time. I am enjoying not having to entertain her and watch her so happy. It is everything I thought this trip would be and so much more. I am loving coming home to our beautiful warm apartment after a day out in the cold, opening (another!) bottle of french champagne, getting Daisy into bed early and enjoying sitting around having a good meal and company and adult conversation and then early nights in bed followed by other people playing with Daisy first thing in the morning. Did I mention we are having a good time??!

Yesterday my sister decided that she and Chris would look after Daisy for the day while Rob and I spent the day together. Um…ok! It didn’t take long for me and Rob to get dressed and get out of there. We walked arm in arm through the magnificent streets of Paris, together, without a child. It was AWESOME. The last time I came to Paris I was a backpacking through uni holidays and was wearing awful clothes, staying in a backpackers hostel and drinking (lots) of cheap beer. This time I am actually walking the streets and feeling half decent. I mean the French women know how to dress. They have style. I don’t. But I feel half way decent, like I can walk into some of the shops and noty be laughed at. I even struck up enough courage to go into Christian Laubourtin (sp?) yesterday. And the woman SMILED at me. I must look good! HA!

So…Rob and I walked down Rue St Honore for hours, slowly walking and soaing it all up – stopping for coffee along the way until we got to the Pompadou (sp?) modern art gallery where we wandered around for a few hours withour child. Bliss. It felt like the days of old when we used to do things like that on Satursday afternoons only SO much better because we were in PARIS! We then had lunch and took the metro to the Eiffel Tower where we met my Sister, Mum and Chris and Daisy. The day couldn’t get much better – kisses from my Rob and Daisy under the Eiffel Tower which was glowing in the afternoon light and looking just as pretty as it could ever look. It was FREEZING cold, but so so so beautiful…I just know that if my life was ever to flash before my eyes that scene would feature. Kisses. Cold air. Tower. And Daisy saying over and over ‘higher tower! higher tower!’

We then walked home and managed to thaw out with some (more) french champagne and a good home cooked meal. We then headed out for a drink while Mum stayed home to look after Daisy for us. Really…does it get any better?

Today (Sunday) we are off to Mass this morning and then not sure what the afternoon will bring us. Tomorrow we have a big day planned at Disneyland which ohmygodiamsoexcitedabout and then more goodness in this city.

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