HOW could I forget!!!???

My head seems to have been so lodged up my own a*** of late that I totally forgot to mention how smart my husband is!

My husband is SO smart!

No really! A few weeks ago we found out that a documentary film he has been working on has been nominated for an award at the International Sport Film Festival in Palermo, Italy. How good is that?! Here is the link to the site – scroll down the page and look for his pretty face (nominated for best photography AND best foreign film). The awards ceremony is due to be on the week before we headed over to Paris so I convinced Rob that he just had to go along…it would be pretty funny I think…in Italian and all…AND they were going to put him up in a hotel for a few nights and I mean really, how often is it that we are in Europe? He just had to go. We tried to change his ticket for Paris but alas it all became too hard. They would have had to cancel the whole ticket and then try to re-book the seats and some of the flights were already booked and had people on standby by blah blah blah so he won’t be going which is such a shame for him. I am so proud of him as he worked hard on the film, filmed & edited the whole thing himself and it’s funny and looks good and someone even thinks it’s worth a nomination. That is something to be proud of. He has submitted it to a few more festivals that they are waiting to hear back on and if they get the go ahead on those I really hope he can get to those. So well done Rob!

Oh and he can also make one hell of a good elephant out of play dough. In fact he can make good anythings out of play dough. I mean look at the attention to detail? I was so impressed I just had to take a picture and you can clearly see just how impressed Daisy is. We are some lucky girls to have him in our lives…


  1. That is a good elephant. I like it. but of course, I love elephants. and pink. so a pink elephant is awesome.

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