Christmas Catch-ups

Boy have we had a hectic social time these past 4 days! LOTS of visiting friends and family, swapping presents and celebrating Christmas before we head off THIS (!!!!) week. I have well and truly got the Christmas spirit and although we have been in and out of the car more times than I care to remember and Daisy is exhausted we have had a great time.


I caught up with a few friends and their kids who were all part of a book club group. One of my oldest friends from school – Jude- was over from Singapore for Christmas with her new little lady Scarlett. We drank lots of tea, ate lots of cake and sat around oohing and aahing at the kids. Looking at the pictures from the morning I must say that I came away thinking…one minute we were all kid free and getting drunk, having fun and now look at us! When did THAT happen?

Scarlett, Daisy, Juliet, Charlotte and her new brother Angus


We caught up with some old friends from high school. I also managed to borrow some fabulous winter clothes from my friend (for both Daise and I) which will be so good to take away. More cake was consumed, more tea and LOTS of chatting/gossiping

Daisy and Julian sitting under Flick’s beautiful Christmas tree


We had our Christmas with all of Rob’s family – his brother and sister in law and their three girls as well as cousin Kate and Mads. It was a lovely afternoon…the girls played well together and enjoyed swapping all their presents…and despite the 34 degree day it worked out well.


We had our final family Christmas catch up with my brother and his kids and at Mum’s place. We ate great food, drank well and for the first time that I can ever remember the kids all played so well together while we were able to sit around and converse like adults! Amazing! Daisy had a ball being a fairy with her new Christmas outfit, and learning all the ins and outs from her older (3yrs) cousin Mia.

So…now onto this week. The week we leave week. I have woken up this morning with butterflies in my tummy. I am excited, and nervous and anxious all rolled into one. I have 3 days left at work with SO much to get done before I leave. I have bags to pack, clothes to wash, money to exchange MORE people to see…it’s going to be one busy week.

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