4 days of bliss…

We are back to reality with a thump after 4 days of pure heaven at Rob’s Dad’s farm EIEIO. It felt like we were well and truly in summer holiday mode…and then we had to turn around a come home…sigh…

Daise and I left early Thursday morning and managed to get up there about 2.30pm. It was a 6 hour trip which is always hard work but we had Rob’s Dad Alan with us and he drove the whole way which made things about a trillion times easier for me as I could distract Daisy in the car and keep her entertained.

We spent the 4 days relaxing by the pool (and I mean really with a pool like this how can you not?!). We ate great food, drank plenty of good wine, played croquet, went for walks and saw cows AND kangaroos (Daise was SO impressed to see a ‘hop’ in the flesh!). Rob joined us on Saturday morning (he flew up) and was able to practice his fly fishing on the lawn – the river was too high so couldn’t go down there. We ran Daisy around and around with the dogs…each night she was exhausted! I also couldn’t get her to sleep in the porta-cot which will mean that things will be interesting in Paris as that is all she has, and she looked like quite the princess in a king size bed nonetheless! She was spoiled rotten by her grandparents a (and great-grandmother) and I was able to actually spend some time alone at times, reading, walking by myself. The gardens were just looking divine…so green. It felt like a slice of summer given to us early.

It really was heaven. I feel recharged. Ready for the busy times we have these next 2 weeks. It really is tonic for my soul up there and we are so very lucky to be able to go there whenever we want.

Daisy with Micky (Sue’s Mum) and Sue

Rob on the fly…suffice to say nothing was caught!

Daise and her new best friend Minx

Sitting in her chair..in the pool! How resort like…

Showing us all how to play lawn bowls and croquet

I mean honestly… it is perfection! Bliss!

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