Styling & Tude: By Dad

Rob was in charge of dressing Daise Sunday morning. I am no control freak in the dressing up of my kid – I am happy for him to do it whenever and whatever she has in her drawers, I just seem to be the one that usually does it. Plus it always seems that he manages to find the one piece of ugly, too small clothing wedged at the very back. I got out of the shower Sunday morning to this:
I swear that she was giving me tude as soon as the hood was on. Did someone say to cool for pre-school?

And…she would not take the hood off. Any attempt to do so by me was stopped quickly with a “hat! hat!”.


  1. Dads are clueless about the clothing. My husband still buys our son clothing with rubber ducks on it – and he is almost 3 and a total little boy.

  2. Must be in the genes (pardon the pun) HA! But yes, I agree they are hopeless…sorry Rob…

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