A special morning catch up

I am happy to report that Daise is on the mend. At last! Thank God! About time! And all that. Thursday we were back at the doctor as she hadn’t really changed (still temps and miserable) and later in the day I had a follow up call from the doctors that looked after her in ER and they said that if she still hadn’t changed by that afternoon we had to take her back and admit her to stay in for a few days just they could observe her etc. Anyway, I just decided that we couldn’t do that…it just wouldn’t do so Rob and I spent the afternoon convincing her to feel better. We literally danced the sickness away. I put on some disco beats – up really loud – and we danced that fever out! The fever broke eventually that night and we stayed home. She has been resting, and sleeping (about time!) and getting better and stronger every day. We still don’t know what it was, and probably won’t find out either. But I am happy if that is (hopefully) the end of it!

We had a special Christmas catch up this morning with all of my friend’s from Mothers Group. We don’t catch up as much as we used to, most of us work now, some have had new babies, and of course others have lost babies. But we have that connection from when we first met, when our babes were only weeks old, when we were all overwhelmed, and stressed and confused by our first borns. We have helped each other out, talked through problems and solutions and most of all been able to share the wonder of our kids (almost) first 2 years of life. They are all great women and I am glad to be a part of the group.

The kids played well together. The Dad’s were able to catch up as well, and we were able to have a good natter about everything. Julia and Angus were there and they bought along a photo of Lachie so he was there in spirit. All the kids even sat for a photo (Lachie included) and I am amazed at how grown up they all are. Honestly, I know I have said it before but where does the time go??? I will look forward to many more of these in the future!

All the kids lined up. Oscar, Daise, Eva, Lachie (in spirit) Oskar and Gertie in the front.

Daise and Gerts take turns on the swing.

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