Sickness, soreness, deliciousness, sadness

The last few days with been filled with all of the above for us. It has been busy, busy, busy and mostly good, good, good.

We all came down last week with a cold. I started to get that niggling coldy, fluey feeling on Wednesday arvo at work and went down a snake from there. Rob had been feeling sick earlier in the week and managed to pass that on – as only families know how, and do so well! We have spent the last 4 days coughing, spluttering and for me wheezing. I have always managed to get a chest infection ever since I was little when I got a cold. It starts at the throat – the razors give way to the nose and then eventually to the chest. It usually passes in a few days, makes me wheezy and then loosens up and I spend all my time coughing and then it passes. Riveting details I know. Not this time, the tight chest would not break up. I could barely get a full deep breath in. I have been an asthmatic all my life so am used to this feeling, but this was awful. Like 9 month pregnant short of breath. Last night I took myself to Emergency as I could barley breathe. Tests showed I had 40% (!) lung capacity…no wonder I felt like shit. I managed to get some good drugs, and puffers and every mask under the sun so I feel much better and have managed to get up to about 60% now. But I am exhausted. I think there would be nothing worse than having a lung disease where you could not breathe. Pure punishment. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I shall enjoy each deep breath a little more now.

And Daisy! Well she has either started to get a food allergy to something that I have given her or just a virus, but she managed to have some of her full on grown up vomits in her bed last week and over the weekend. Not sure what bought it on…the only common link between the 2 occasions was avocado and chicken – things she has had on many occasions – but will maybe leave out for a while at least. And a rash on her cheeks appeared as well. Who knows? I think I will have to get her to an allergy specialist and check it out. Which leads up to…

As you can see my the snap below she is sporting an attractive bruise on her head which is now at that attractive yellow/green phase of bruising. She fell off the toilet! We have a little seat for her rather than a potty and she finished her business and went to get off…and SPLAT head first onto the bathroom tiles. Well done Beth!

In between all the yuck sick we managed to eat VERY well over the weekend. Saturday I cooked my version of a summer roast lamb with a yummmmmmmy greek come what may salad (above) on the side. Then Sunday we had a farewell lunch for my sister and her kids and Rob and I were in charge of entrees….I whipped up Peking Duck puncakes!!! Pancakes and fillings made by me with Duck care of BBQ King in China Town. No words other than pure joy when you get that in your mouth. The sweet hoi sin with the salty, fatty duck, and chili. Yes joy. And Rob did these fab little prosciutto parcels with Mozzarella, tomato and basil. DIVINE. Yes we ate well indeed.

But all this was tinged with sadness for me yesterday when I had to say good bye to my sister and her kids. Even though they are just moving states and we will see them now and then it’s just not the same as being able to get in the car and see her. Daisy will so miss Alice. Alice has been a major negotiating tactic for me these last few months “If you don’t get dressed we can’t see Ali”…etc etc…and I just know that when I see her next she will be grown up. Older…cooler…and not as happy to hang out with me. My heart broke when she gave me the BIGGEST cuddle and told me she loved me. I can’t then tell you what it did when I held onto my sister and we both just cried into each others shoulders. I will miss her dearly. I hope she is happy down there. I hope she gets help from someone with the kids. It will be hard to be away from her family…I know that she did it for years down there and that their life is in Melbourne…but I selfishly want her here. Anyway – things change – and I will certainly cherish the 12 months we have had together, being sisters and mothers.

I agree Ava – it’s VERY sad that everyone has to move back to Melbourne!

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