On the road again

We were off (again!) on Friday for another weekend away. We have been so lucky the past few months to have as many little trips away as we have. In fact all year it seems every few weeks we have managed to get out of town for a weekend or longer. I love being able to stay with friends and family and the whole process of actually getting in the car (or even better a plane!) to getting out of the hustle and bustle of living in the city into the country, or to the beach. I love the road trip…the singing in the car…not so much the screaming toddler…but I do love it, and am grateful for all the opportunities we have had to do so.

This weekend we were off to the beach – Diamond Beach in fact – which is about 3 and a half hours north of Sydney on the mid north coast. We stayed with a friend of Rob’s from school’s parent’s holiday house. Another couple from Sydney and their 2 boys also stayed for the weekend. The weather wasn’t the best (cloudy and windy) but we still had a great time down at the beach, and park, and backyard wearing the kids out so the adults could have some fun of our own once all 3 kids were asleep. Daise had fun with the boys…the house was geared for kids as the parents have 3 grandkids that often stay there – but for boys! Cars, planes, boats and trains you name it – they had it. She played with all of it but still managed to push around a plastic chair with her teddy on it as a pram and also managed to find the one stuffed animal, a bunny, and wrap it up in a tea towel and rock it to sleep. It is so funny the differences between girls and boys without any interference from adults – the way they just like some things and not others. Oh and on Saturday morning I had my first sighting at the beach of dolphins riding the surf AND whales out deep. I could see the blow of water and splashing – very impressive!

We got back home around 5pm Sunday night and all crashed out. The car trip plus the early morning wake up’s with Daisy (why does she wake at 5am when we are away) meant we were all exhausted. But happy.

Also as an aside, this morning Daisy said her first complete sentence! She came out with “I GO FOR A WALK”. Loud and clear, with determination and meaning behind it. She had Pooh Bear in the pram, and she was going to talk him for a walk. Down the hall way. To the front door, and then probably back again. And you know what? She might just then turn around and do it again! Rob and I were still waking up so were a bit out of it but when she said it we both stopped in our tracks and looked at each other to make sure the other heard it and to check we weren’t going mad and in fact she had just spoken a whole sentence. Yes Daisy, you go for a walk!

Oh and it’s November. That means that next month is December. Which means that we are going to Paris…NEXT MONTH! Be prepared for the excitement levels to slowly reach fever pitch…

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