Looking for a break….any break I can get…

I thought 24 hours ago that I was tired. HA! I didn’t even know exhaustion and stress. Last night was a shocker. I went to to check on Daise around 10pm last night when I was heading off to bed and she had a fever. A stinking hot, searing, burning fever. She was sleeping (badly) but woke as soon as my cool hand was on her forehead. I could not break that fever all night. We were in her bed. Our bed. The couch. Our bed. Her bed. More panadol, more 20 min sleeps and still 39.5 degrees and above. THEN when we finally passed out at 5.15am I thought great..I have 1 hour before I have to get up for work and went into a DEEP sleep. Her cries woke me at 7.20 (the freakin’ alarm clock went off but the volume was turned down so I slept through it). We rushed our way out the door…I lost my shit when she wouldn’t take her medicine, then again when we got stuck in traffic, and then again when she cried hysterically when I dropped her off at Mum’s place. I got to work and started to get though the pile of work when Mum called to tell me that she couldn’t get the temp down and that her little heart was racing. And she was worried. After a small cry at my desk, I called the GP and was told to take her straight to the emergency room. I packed up my stuff, cried again to Rob on the phone and then took her to the hospital. We spent all day there doing every test they could. Bloods (seriously is there anything more traumatic for parents and the kids then taking blood from an overtired, stressed out, scared 21 month old? No, I don’t think so). The urine sample will be a funny story some time down the track…waiting with a cup for a toddler to wee? HILARIOUS. I am sure there will be a post about this at some stage…and the X-ray just such a big machine and so scary for a little lady. But she was cleared of meningitis (their main concern), pneumonia, urinary tract infection and her bloods looked good. They were happy to let her go home and rest and just watch her. They put it down to some nasty viral something. I will keep up the panadol every 4 hours and antibiotics and hope she can get some good quality sleep, that we all can really, and that tomorrow brings a brighter day for us all. Right now she sleeps and I hope she does get a few hours straight…for my sanity and for her well being.

Again, I am so grateful that our little lady is not really seriously sick. Those doctors and nurses are amazing and I will be sure to remember the pediatric department just up the road when we are getting rid of kids toys. The tired toys could do with any update and you never think of hospitals when you throw stuff out or sell it on Ebay. They said that they would be thrilled with any donations. I mean, sick kids, is there really anything worse?


  1. Good idea taking the toys to the hospital or doctors office. I never thought of that.

    Good luck with the fever – I wish I had some advice for you but I have been so lucky to never have had anything more then a cold with the Dictator.

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