Hello December!

It is SOOOOOOOOO good to see you! I can now officially say that summer is here. That THIS month we are going to Paris for Christmas. All wonderful things! But in the same breath I can also say that in 3 weeks time I will no longer have a job. And that scares the breath right out of me. It’s the perfect explanation of where I am at at the moment. High one minute with excitement, and anticipation, then in the next I am scared and in a full panic attack. But let’s focus on the positives for now at least.

We had a GREAT weekend. It was so good because Daisy was feeling better and was back to her old self. She also slept well. We have had 3 nights in a row now where she hasn’t woken in the night. This hasn’t happened in well, months now, so it has been a real treat. I wouldn’t be so stupid as to say that things have turned a corner because as soon as you do it turns to shit and you jinx yourself, but I will say (as Rob pointed out to me this morning as historical fact only) that she has slept well for 3 (!) nights and for that we are truly grateful.

We had some good plays at the park. Rob has started going down to the local basketball courts and shooting some hoops for exercise and fun. Daise loves to run around the court after him, and I love to sit on my lazy bum and watch them both doing this. I must say it all looks quite urban doesn’t it? So we did that a few times, ran around the courts and the park and had many, many turns on the swing.

We had friends over for dinner Saturday night. It seemed like an age since we had entertained and it was so much fun. It helped that Daisy was asleep! We drank far too much wine, but I cooked (if I don’t mind saying myself) some fabulous food, and with great company of some close friends Fraser and his partner Matt we felt almost like grown ups again! It was a great antidote to the shitty week that we have had. Yesterday we had our morning brunch as mentioned below, and another great afternoon at the park….followed by another good nights sleep.

So here we are at December. It really is exciting to be here…to be on the countdown to the trip, to the end of work, to Christmas, to the end of the year. Later this week we are heading up to Rob’s Dad’s farm for 4 days and I am truly excited about that. We are driving up Thursday and then Rob will fly up and meet us Saturday. Daisy will have so. much. fun. She has already started talking about her best friend Sue (Alan’s partner) and we will have lots of swimming, and playing with the dogs, and looking at the cows. It is going to be GREAT fun. Something else to look forward to. We really are very lucky indeed.

* The spots on her face are not related to the unknown sickness but to a greedy mosquito that found her little juicy cheeks in the night to snack on


  1. I cannot blame the mosquito, those are some snackin cheeks she’s got there.

    Is it so weird that while December marks the official start to your Summer, I would consider this the official start to our snow watch?

    (and in so much as I can comment on the factual nature of Daisy sleeping through the night and feeling better, historically speaking, that is fantastic news indeed!!)

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